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Girls Can Be Farmers Too(DRAFT)

This past summer, we received an email from a woman who had stumbled on to the Female Farmer Project website:

"I spent the weekend visiting friends who live in rural Minnesota. Though they aren't farming, they are surrounded by farms and live on a farmstead. I was reading to their 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy and a book mentioned "the farmer's wife" but I instead just called her "the farmer" because, duh. And the little girl immediately piped up and said "I thought only boys were farmers". So I told them that girls can be farmers too and lots of girls are farmers."

She went on to say that she searched but could find nothing in the marketplace that addressed this, except my website. It echoed my very same thoughts 4+ years ago when I launched The Female Farmer Project. The lack of authentic imagery of entire group of people was missing. I have to be honest, that email kept me up all night. By morning I had hatched a plan. I wanted to find a way to show girls that they too could be farmers, but in a fun interactive way. A way that they get to decide what the farmer looks like; is she white, black? Old, young? I could provide the outline, they provide the creativity.

So I reached out to the man who encouraged me many years ago to pursue the documentation of women in agriculture, artist Joe Lee Davidson. It seemed the perfect fit, the artist who encouraged me to start this crazy project could perhaps be a part of it again, lending his beautiful talent. He started with my images as his inspiration, and I think you'll agree that the way he sees the world, the way he interprets my images - it is the perfect partnership.

Below you'll see Joe Lee's work in progress. We are making one of these available for a free download to gauge your interest level in the project going forward. Below you'll find a sign up form - enter your name and email and we'll email you back with a link for the free coloring page. Then! If there is enough interest - well, we'll keep you up to date on the status of the project. 

Also - here's the fun news! We will have two chances to win the new Farmer Barbie. Here's how you can win one!

1) We will hold a chance drawing from all the names who sign up for the coloring book updates. The drawing for one Barbie will take place on Friday the 23rd of December at 5pm PST.

2) We are hosting a coloring contest - for kids and adults! Download the coloring sheet, color it, and post a picture or a scan of your completed coloring sheet on Facebook in a public post with the hashtag #GirlsCanBeFarmersToo
We'll share your pictures with the community and ask Joe Lee to judge one child (ages 0-16) and one adult (ages 17+) as the winners of the Farmer Barbie. Entries in by January 4, 2017. Winners announced shortly after. 

note: if the post is not public, I will not be able to see it and include your entry. Alternatively, you can email the picture or scan of your entry to femmefarmtotable {at} 







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