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documenting the rise of women in agriculture



One of the top 19 Food Podcasts by Forbes

"This podcast deserves binge listening." - Real Food Films

"Founded by Audra Mulkern, founder of “The Female Farmer Project”--a documentary project that chronicles the rise of women working in agriculture around the world--this podcast is a natural way to explore these themes. Each episode features in-depth interviews with female farmers, thus far covering topics ranging from traditional growing methods,  farming in arid environments, farm financing, and goat yoga. We recommend starting with Episode 1, which features San Xavier Co-op Farm in Arizona, a CNG farm on the Tohono O’odham Nation in Arizona." - Certified Naturally Grown

Podcasts for the Field: Recommendations from Women in Food and Ag

From iTunes:

"I'm loving this podcast so far. It's nice, as a female farmer, to hear other stories of different obstacles farmers face and how these women are finding their own unique solutions. I look forward to future episodes!

"A fun and interesting podcast for those interested in food production and the challenges of farming. As a male, I haven't found any "female focus" off putting; it's been light. Subscribed!"

"Thanks for this...great conversation for understanding the obstacles and opportunities for women in farming."

"Love this podcast for its fresh perspective on farming and food in general. Very approachable and great chemistry!"

From our guests:

"I was extremely honored to be asked to participate in an interview with Audra a while back for her Female Farmer Project. I was more than happy to share my own story, but what I couldn’t have expected, was that I would come away from the interview feeling so encouraged and supported in my ‘Woman in Ag’ role. Audra’s passion for her project is contagious, and the acceptance I found here for all types of ag and women in all positions in the industry was remarkable!" - Shauna Farver, Farver Farms


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