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ask a farmer series: what can we do to support farmers?

The Female Farmer Project is fortunate to have a series of great conversations happening on our Facebook page.  The information and advice that is being shared is too valuable to let it slide further and further down on the page.  This series is hopefully a way to capture and preserve the advice, wisdom and conversation.  Thank you to all the farmers that contributed to this conversation!

Originally published: March 26, 2014

What is the one thing we can do to support you?

Janya IntheCountry - To support farmers, I encourage people to learn the difference between farm-raised meat and store-bought meat; they aren't the same animal. The level of care, concern, compassion and husbandry that goes into raising animals for meat on small family farms is a hefty responsibility and there is a reason why farm-raised meat should and does cost more. I thoroughly appreciate my customers who support us and understand the intangible value of letting animals thrive in truly natural ways; sheepy sheep and piggy pigs. I love sharing our practices with others and it is an honor to teach what I have learned along the way. People can support us by learning the difference.

Michaele Blakely - Go the extra step and try to buy from a farmer on a regular basis. Stay away from the grocery stores.Also support with your vote for farm friendly policies.

Christina Miller - Buy directly from farmers and spread the word to everyone you know how or why supporting local farms has helped your family. The connections we make at farmers markets and bringing people to the farm are huge and I cannot imagine farming without that kind of community support. Get invovled in not only buying from us but educating others, including elected officials, in the importance of small, local farmers.

Trish Ti - Know the importance of where you spend your money. If you buy local, the economy around you grows, directly benefiting you and those you know. If you buy from anonymous outlets, who knows who or what benefits from it.

Blair Prenoveau - I've been mulling this over a bit. aside from the obvious of buying locally grown food, i think it is also important to support all aspects of local food production, and locally produced goods of any type. buying value added food products that are locally sourced, eating at independently owned restaurants who serve locally grown food, bakers, makers, artisans, craftspeople. spending your money on these efforts keeps the local economy flowing which definitely touches the local farming scene. also, i think you'd be hard pressed to find an organic farmer who wouldn't want you to grow your own. be an active part of the small farming movement. start a farm yourself, or a little garden in your yard.volunteer on a local farm. or if you just want to be a consumer of organic food, be a highly conscious one. use natural body care and cleaning products. if you already do, tell other people why they should. be a vocal advocate for our species to stop poisoning the planet. use your voice to spread knowledge, be part of the change. making an effort to exist organically supports the mission of organic farming as a whole, which, to me, is to eat clean while treating the earth kindly.

Stacia Horvath - Buy what we have, when we have it. Buying from a small local farm means learning to eat with the seasons. Then tell your friends what amazing stuff and what nice people you met.


Do you have any tips on how we can support you?  Weigh in below in our comments section!  Thank you.


Sara Causey - Sollymon Farm 2 years ago · 1 like

Agree 100% with Christina Miller: "Buy directly from farmers and spread the word to everyone you know how or why supporting local farms has helped your family." As a small-scale farmer/organic gardener, getting the word out can be difficult. I don't have a big advertising budget and I can't compete with the big box stores. (Nor do I want to.) I think when you buy local from the farm and have a good experience, one excellent way to help is by word of mouth.


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